11 Floyd Higgins
11 Floyd Higgins
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210
Year: Senior
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Position: Forward

Floyd calls Orlando, Fl his hometown… Floyd was born in Miami, Fl on October 12th, 1991 to Asheto Williams… Floyd has two siblings; Alexis and Lloyd Higgins… Prior to UMM Floyd attended Freedom High School… Floyd is entering his Senior year at UMM and is majoring in Business.


Meal:                                                                                  ox tail, Caribbean food

Dessert:                                                                             cheese cake

Musical Artist:                                                                     J. cole

Sports Movie:                                                                     Warriors

TV shows:                                                                          Breakin Bad                                     

Hobby:                                                                               Watching Movies

Magaizine cover I would like to be on:                               Espn Sports Illustrated

Person I would most like to have dinner with:                   Carmelo Anthony

Places I would to visit:                                                        Dubi

If I weren’t playing basketball I would be playing:             Football